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Playing at online casinos has become one of the most popular leisure activities that lots of people in Malaysia engage in. Online casinos are popular because they allow players to access their favorite games from any location. In addition to this flexibility, online casinos also have lots of bonuses and freebies that players can take advantage of.

One of the freebies that you will find at most online casinos in Malaysia are free spins. If you play slots, you should already be familiar with free spins. In this article, we will share with you all the popular online casinos in Malaysia that have free spins. But before getting into this list, let’s first share with you the basics of free spins.

What is a free spin?

A free spin is a freebie within online slots that allows you to get one more round of spinning without having to place a bet using real money. Without the free spin, you will be required to bet using real money before being allowed to press the pin button of the slot machine game. Because you can still win real money while using free spins, they’re an excellent way to practice. However, you can’t lose since you didn’t place the bet using real cash.

So, if you get a free spin in your next slot game, make sure you take full advantage of it because it gives you the chance to win money without taking any risk. Every online casino and every game has a different quantity of free spins you may earn.

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But at least almost every slot game that you will find at the most popular online casinos has a couple of free spins. Once you earn a free spin, you will get a pop-up message within the game notifying you about it.

Now that you know what a free spin is let’s take you through some of the popular online casinos in Malaysia that are known for offering lots of free spins.

Casinos with free spin

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Different Types of free spin

The above online casinos offer free spins in different ways. The types of free spins you will get from these casinos include;

1.  No deposit free spin

Just like the name states, these are free spins you get without having to deposit any money to the casino wallet. If you look through the above list, you will see several online casinos that offer you free credits that don’t require you to make any deposits to earn them. You can turn those free credits into free spins that you can use to get a couple of rounds in your favorite slot game.

The main advantage of these free spins is the fact that you don’t have to make any deposit to earn them. So, you essentially get free spins without taking any risk. You may get anything from 5 to 30 free spins as a result of this bonus. However, some online casinos may offer more spins.

It should also be noted that all the above casinos have a maximum cap on the withdrawal amount out of the total winnings earned with the free spin bonus, up to $150. These online casinos are also in business to make money, so you won’t have limitless opportunities to earn without making any deposits.

2.  Direct free spins

These free spins are not expressed in terms of free credit. With this type, the online casino specifies the exact number of spins you have. When you take a look through the online casinos in our list, you will notice that a number of them offer this type of free spins.

So, if you have 20 free spins, you will have the chance to press the spin button 20 times without having to place any bet using your real cash. If you are lucky to win within any of these 20 chances, your money will be credited to your casino wallet.

3.  Traditional free bonus credits

One of the other free spins bonuses that you will have a chance of winning at any of the online casinos we have listed above is the Traditional free bonus credit. This bonus gives a given amount of money in terms of credits before you deposit funds into your casino account.

For this promotion, you just need to join the casino and choose “Free Credit Bonus” as your preferred method of depositing funds. The bonus credit that every user earns is usually between $5 and $30. But this offer has its own wagering requirements and other restrictions and conditions. Some of the conditions include a wagering requirement clause and a minimum qualifying deposit to retrieve the maximum capped winning amount for the game. You have to meet the minimum deposit required by the casino to withdraw all the winnings you will earn from the free bonus.

How to apply free spin

You will have to claim your free spins before having them credited to your account. Below is the procedure you will go through to claim your free spins;

Step#1: Creating your account

To be eligible for this promotion, you must first register an account with the casino’s website. Here is how to create an account and the options you need to enable to qualify for the free spins;

  • Sign up with the casino.
  • Indicate that you want to use the no deposit bonus.
  • Log in using your new casino account.
  • The bonus is credited to your account.

Step #2: Claim your free spins

The three ways to claim your free spins include;

1.  Automatically: You are awarded the free spins automatically the moment you indicate that you would like to use them

2.  Manually: This requires you to manually enter the bonus code given to you by the online casino into the given field to activate the free spins. Free spins will be yours if the code is entered correctly.

3.  Contacting support: If all the above two options are not available, you can contact the casino’s customer support team to help you activate the free spins. You will get these free spins as soon as you meet the requirements.

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