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List of crypto online casino in Malaysia

Online casinos have become very popular in Malaysia in recent years, thanks to the many advantages they have over traditional casinos. With online casinos, one can play games from the comfort of their home or workplace, which is super convenient for many. In addition, they provide a wide variety of games and great welcome incentives.

One of the new trends in the online casino business that has come up in the last couple of years is the use of crypto as one of the payment methods. Initially, the only accepted payment methods at most casinos included e-wallets and bank transfers. But, as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin gained more popularity, online casino vendors saw the opportunity to add them as a payment option for their users.

Now a good number of casinos in Malaysia accept crypto for deposits. Users who use crypto to make deposits also withdraw in the same currency to ensure consistency. In today’s article, we shall share a list of the most popular online casino websites in Malaysia that accept cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods. These casinos are usually referred to as crypto casinos.

But before we get into the list, let’s first explain how gamblers can use crypto at online casinos to place bets.

How to use crypto in an online casino

Let’s take you through all the steps involved in using crypto to deposit money to your casino wallet and place bets.

Step #1: Create an account at any crypto exchange platform

There are several crypto exchange platforms out there, but the two that I would recommend are Binance and Coinbase. These two are the safest and most reliable crypto exchange platforms out there. Creating an account with any of them will require you to use an active email address and your personal details.

Like any other platform that involves financial transactions, you will be required to verify your identity using any valid ID like your driving license or National ID. However, this comes at a later stage after you have created your account.

Step #2: Create your crypto wallet

Having a crypto wallet allows you to send your crypto to any website or platform that supports the type of cryptocurrency you have. If you are using bitcoin, you can create your crypto wallet on a platform like You may choose to skip his step if you don’t find it necessary to have a crypto wallet. However, I recommend creating one because of the many advantages it has over-relying on crypto exchange platforms only.

After creating your wallet, you will now have to fund it using your crypto that you already deposited on any exchange platforms that we have just shared. To send this money, you will be required to input your wallet address. A wallet address is a long text comprised of several unique alphanumeric characters. Every wallet account has a unique wallet address. So, go to your exchange account and choose the option to send, then input this wallet address.

Step #3: Transfer to your online casino

Once the crypto is in your wallet, it becomes pretty easy to send to any website or platform that accepts that particular currency you own. So, visit your crypto casino and log into your account. If you don’t have one, you may have to start by registering because all online casinos now require you to register before using any of their services. Once you are logged into your crypto casino account, go to the deposit section and choose crypto as your preferred payment method.

You need to input your wallet address to trigger the transfer. There might be extra verifications required in your crypto wallet account before the transaction is successfully completed. So, you need to log into the crypto wallet and do all the required verifications, if any. That is all you have to do.

In case you win a bet, the procedure for withdrawing your crypto from the casino to your crypto wallet is almost the same as depositing. Simply go to the withdraw section and choose to cash out your winnings via crypto. When registering, you will be asked for your crypto address. Once you trigger the cash-out, the money should get on your account within a few minutes.

List of online casinos that apply crypto

Now that you know the procedure for using crypto online casinos, let’s share with you some of the popular online casinos in Malaysia that allow crypto as one of the payment methods

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Why you need crypto casinos

Online casinos that accept crypto have many advantages that players will enjoy while using them. If you choose to use these online casinos, below are some of the benefits you will get;

1.  Instant withdraws

One of the most frustrating things about online casinos that use traditional payment methods is the delays in withdraws. To obtain the money into their e-wallet or bank account, some consumers have to wait for many hours. With crypto casinos, withdraws are instant. Once you have triggered the cash-out, money will get on your crypto wallet in a couple of minutes.

So, if you want to get instant withdraws whenever you win cash at an online casino, choose any of the crypto payment methods they support. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies, thus we advocate utilizing them. So, you will find it much easier to exchange them into fiat on any crypto exchange platform. They are also accepted at most online casinos on the above list.

2.  Privacy

While making deposits at your online casino, all that is required is your crypto wallet, nothing more than that. However, with traditional payment methods, you are required to share all your payment details, which may include the credit card number, your address, and a lot more. This is so much info that most people may not be comfortable sharing with a website they don’t trust 100%.

If you want to remain private and safe while gambling, choosing crypto as your preferred payment method is the way to go. It is impossible for anybody to track your gaming activity using cryptography. Once the money is on your crypto wallet, not even your government or bank will get to know the websites you are sending money to. 

3.  Lower fees

Another key benefit of using crypto is the low charges compared to traditional payment alternatives. No matter the crypto you choose, the charges you will incur in transferring money to and from your wallet are usually a small fraction of what you would have incurred if you used the traditional payment alternatives.

These charges are even more if you are depositing from an account that uses a different currency from the one accepted at your online casino. For anyone who minds about the insane charges that they have to pay when using traditional payment methods, using bitcoin or any other crypto to make payments is the solution.

4.  Cross-border transactions are much easier.

Any gambler that has tried to play at an online casino outside their country knows how hard it is to make deposits or withdraw money from their casino wallets. Most online casinos have specific payment methods that may not be available in every country across the globe. So, if you are in a different country from the casino you want to access, it is much easier to use crypto.

You will avoid the insane charges and the long waiting hours that come with using traditional payment methods.

5.  Crypto gains value over time.

This may not be directly related to gambling, but it is another additional benefit that comes with using crypto. Once you have withdrawn the money to your wallet, it will usually gain value over time since the value of crypto has consistently gone up for the last ten years. For instance, if you withdraw $1000 worth of bitcoin today, you will likely have around $1200 or more in the next few months.

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