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Roulette is one of the most exciting live table games available at any major online casinos in Malaysia due to the fact that this game is one of the simplest games to play yet the excitement factor of playing one can go off the charts. Beginners love to try their hand at a roulette game because they look so tempting yet virtually all of them fail dismally because what beginners fail to understand is that even though a game of roulette may look simple there are actually hidden mechanics and an art to this game that takes years to master and consistently win at the game. This article will explain the strategy required to play roulette at any online casino so that you can boost your win rate and start winning some cash. 

Casinos are not dumb, and they are aware of what works and what does not. There might not be a 100% winning formula for roulette, but there is a basic guideline to help boost the win rate of any player who understands the hidden mechanics in a game of roulette. This is not something that a beginner can do just after reading this article, after understanding the basic guidelines, you as the reader are required to put in the time and the effort to bring the concept into practice so that it comes second nature while playing at any live casino games.

Any gambling method should be tested with a large enough sample size of spins before it can be claimed as effective

A word of warning. A novice player may claim that they never play thousands of spins, hence they do not need to test thousands of them. This is a view that can be considered to be wrong, and with no disrespect to the player, a view that demonstrates the player’s lack of understanding of the fundamentals of probability and calculus. Don’t worry, everyone makes this mistake as a beginner. In any game, it is important to examine what casinos already know. And casinos consult mathematicians and statisticians who know what they’re talking about for assistance. In general, evaluating even tens of thousands of spins is insufficient to determine if a system is effective. Specifically, with a sample size this large even random wagers can win, still, it does not imply that the system is effective, only that short-term outcomes were good. Keep in mind that anything can occur in the near future.

Do not celebrate short term successes

Almost every roulette method is first successful but ultimately fails. Naturally, anything might occur in the near term. As we have mentioned before, brief victories followed by a loss are typically the result of betting progression. For instance, if you increase your bet amount following losses, you will remain afloat for some time. Martingale is the most frequent betting progression method. This occurs when losing wagers are doubled. It works temporarily. Eventually, though, you have a losing run that wipes away your money. Understanding this is the critical component of a winning recipe. If your system eliminates these, do not anticipate long-term success.

Wagering method that features betting amount progression is not recommended

There are several betting progression methods available. In reality, virtually every roulette method employs a betting progression formula. They are essentially complex variants of the standard betting progression. In other words, it is the same garbage repackaged. A truly good roulette strategy does not include betting progression, such as the martingale betting strategy. If your strategy is effective, you will continue to win over time even if you wager the same amount on each spin. It has been shown that betting progression may keep your bankroll positive in the preceding section, but the phenomenon is only temporary. Remember that each spin of the roulette wheel is an individual event with its own odds.

Why the martingale betting strategy is a bad idea

When using the betting progression featured in the martingale betting strategy, the amount wagered may rise from 1 unit to 2, and then double that amount to 4 units, and then 8 units and so on. You may believe that each individual wager is part of a series. It is a sequence that only exists in your brain. In actuality, they are separate wagers, each with its own probability of success. Remember that all gambling games are comprised of odds and payouts. However, do not mix odds with payments. The “odds” are the probabilities of an event occurring. And “payouts” are what you receive for victories. In other words, neither the casino nor the roulette wheel cares who places bets. The payments and odds do not alter in any way.

Forget about cause and effect, and do not fall for superstition beliefs

The winning number has nothing to do with the roulette betting table. This is frequently disregarded. In reality, the majority of strategies revolve on the betting table. The actual element that determines the winning factor in any game is a complex combination of actual physical factors that cannot be calculated, especially without the help of supercomputers. When the ball touches the wheel and generates friction, actual physical causes are at play. Therefore, nothing is completely random or unforeseeable. And the winning number is chosen by the relationship between cause and effect. This is essential to comprehend since any winning roulette algorithm must account for genuine physical elements. The majority of losing strategies center on trends the player believes to observe. This logic breaks out when more complex patterns are involved. Still, the same fundamentals apply. The patterns may be logical and exist in the believer’s mind, when in reality, the patterns are actually succumbed to chaos theory.


In one of the most alluring casino games, participants may select a set of numbers or a single number and put their wagers. The dealer then spins the white ball on the roulette wheel to determine the outcome. The winning sum is subsequently distributed to players who placed winning wagers using the whole roulette method mentioned above. This is a simple game with hidden physical factors at play, these factors succumb to chaos, and any attempt to form a pattern with them will be wasted. Players are instead encouraged to stick with the same bet instead of changing their wagers according to the result of the previous game, citing the law of cause and effect as an excuse. If you are still unconvinced, why not try out a roulette session with these ideas in mind and see for yourself? 96M is a reputable online casino in Malaysia that provides some of the best roulette experiences in Malaysia, so we would definitely recommend checking them out.

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