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Magnum 4D is a lottery game where players can select a four-digit number and see if the selected number will be drawn by the game officials as the winning number. Typically, in Magnum 4D, a total of 23 winning digits are drawn at the end of each session, with each winning digit awarded a different prize. Magnum 4D is the most popular lottery game in Malaysia. It is said that this game of numbers began in Kedah, Malaysia around 1951. The 4D number format is also associated with the types of wagers you may put, which include Small and Big wagers. The probability of winning is greater with smaller wagers than with larger wagers.

4D lotto entry methods

Normal Entry

Here, you select a certain number, such as 2347. The usual submission comprises two additional categories, big and small. If you wager on small, just the first, second, and third prizes are available. However, if you wager big, you will win the first, second, and third prizes in addition to a special reward or consultation award. The cost for regular entrance is 1 MYR.

4D Roll

4D Roll replaces any one of your winning number’s four digits with the letter R. In this instance, R represents the amount of digits spanning from 0 to 9. For example, one of the digits in the preceding number, 1234, can be replaced with R to obtain R234. This indicates that you have ten ordinary entries: with numbers ranging from 0 to 9 in place of R, followed by 234 in sequence. The R may also appear in any position in the sequence of numbers that you chose, such as 1R34 or 12R4.


This entry type is calculated using the permutations of any 4D number. For example, the number 1234  has 24 possible permutations, ranging from 1324 to 4321. A desired number of permutations can be selected for the permutation or i-Perm entry, it includes 4, 6, 12 and 24.

Quick Pick

In all number options, you have the option of selecting manually or using Quick Pick. For the Quick Pick option, the computer chooses at random for you. It is essential to remember that neither of the aforementioned strategies ensures a win.

Evaluation methods for each entry method in Magnum 4D.

The normal entry is the easiest entry because all the player has to do is choose a four-digit number and then place a wager of a minimum of 1 MYR. The I-Perm method, however, can be a little tricky as it involves all four-dimensional permutations in its evaluation. For example, the player will receive four permutations if they found three matching digits in the selected 4D number, and six permutations if any two rows of matching digits are present in a given 4-digit number. When the player gets up to 24 permutations, it means that they have four distinct digits in a given 4D number. On the other hand, we have the 4D roll which is a straightforward method for evaluating Magnum 4D. The player will have to choose between Roll 1 and Roll 4. For example, the last three digits will have to be selected by the player when the number 1 is rolled, and the first digit, as mentioned before, will be replaced with R which can be any digit from 0 to 9. The two sorts of wagers, big and small, will dictate the player’s prize. A player that loves to bet big will stand a chance to win first, second, third, fourth and a consolation prize. Meanwhile, a small bettor will be limited to first to third prizes only.

False assumptions regarding Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D players have various superstitions that they always fall for, the fact here is that there are no easy way to predict what number will come out when playing Magnum 4D, players may analyze the patterns of announced digits in Magnum 4D and then try to increase their chances of winning the lottery. However, claiming that using certain numbers to play this lottery will result in anything more than a 10% win rate is a false claim, which is why we always see some numbers being overused by Magnum 4D players based on this superstitious belief. Still, we are not stating that techniques that may increase the chances of winning the lottery does not exist, there actually is a certain correct way to play, instead of relying on lady luck herself to win the lottery every time.

Predicting 4D numbers to win the lottery

Believe it or not, techniques to somehow predict a 4D lottery winning number before the results are announced do exist, however, the success rate of using these techniques are no more than 10%. For veteran 4D players, they will know that these are the best possible odds in a game of lottery. This technique is known as checking past results of said lottery. A good player may put in time and effort to draw out trends or patterns based on past results, thus using these trends to interpret and draw conclusions of their own. One mistake of using this technique that beginners often make is that they only pay attention to past 4D results that are most recent, say, in the last ten draws or so. To fully realize the potential in the trends of past 4D results, one will have to dive further back to results in the last 30 or even 40 draws.

How Lucky Number Generators can make selecting a 4D number easier

If you are a player that believes in their own luck, then you might as well choose a number yourself and let fate take the wheel. We have a special tool to recommend to players like you, and it is the lucky number generator. There are lots of sources and tools that can be used for free on the internet to generate your own lucky number to be used for Magnum 4D. Most of these online resources can be used to generate any number according to your criteria, the numbers generated may be odd or even based on your input settings. Believe it or not, players have actually won the lottery before using the Lucky Number Generator, fate works in mysterious ways indeed.

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