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Introducing Spadegaming

In 2007, a group of experienced designers, engineers, and visionaries started working to develop a gaming software company. This association gave birth to Spadegaming, one of the most reputable online game development brands globally today. The Malta Gaming Authority has granted the company’s Malta division a licence to operate. Since its inception, Spadegaming has developed over 100 slots games, fishing games, among others.

Experienced online gamers who are familiar with Spadegaming will agree that game products from the brand support fair gaming and players’ confidentiality. Hence, it is not surprising that several thousands of online players consider Spadegaming slots games as parts of their favorite games. If you are a newbie to online gaming and seeking slots games to make cool cash, enjoy entertaining gaming sessions, and feel comfortable while doing so, you should be checking out Spadegaming products.

Considering the vast number of slots games from Spadegaming, it’s understandable if you are overwhelmed and find it difficult to make a choice. You don’t need to worry if this is your reality. In this article, you’ll be introduced to the top 5 slots games that you can easily engage and make considerable amounts from without losing the fun of it. Let’s begin.

Top 5 Spadegaming Slots

1. Heroes

Here is arguably the best slots game from Spadegaming. Heroes is an adventurous game, featuring four Asian legends. Hence, it’s particularly exciting for anyone who is from Asia or familiar with Asian culture. The gameplay is pretty simple too. First things first: place your bet and then let the wheel do the work. The main game commences once you reach 25 hero counts. During the whole process, you get a random hero to see you through. Bonuses and rewards are released when you come across items that are unique to the hero during the main game. Note that the bonuses will also be unique to the specific hero. Advisably, consider setting your bet amount to a minimum and then increase it as you continue to get familiar with the main game. The great thing about Heroes is that players have many ways to make money consistently. So, refrain from setting the game to auto-spin.

2. Sweet Bakery

For those who have some culinary skills, you may appreciate this fun slots game more than many. Hikari-company chan’s will flourish as a result of your efforts in the game. As for the gameplay, it’s pretty exciting and straightforward. In order to win large, you must put your stake and then spin the wheel. If you manage to hit five wild images, you get a double reward. Be informed that you can only re-spin three times in a single spin. If you are a beginner of the game, consider using the re-spin option to your own advantage. Experience has shown that auto-spin improves the chances of nailing the jackpots. Take pleasure in both the challenge and the reward.

3. Magical Lamp

If you would like to feel like Aladdin for a moment, consider Magical Lamp from Spadegaming. Get some Arabian Nights sensibilities with genies and flying carpets. And who knows? You might even land a magic lamp that will make your dreams come true. To play, place your bet and spin as you would do with Heroes. However, in this case, you play with five stripes. If you manage to hit over five similar images, you receive a multiplier reward. It is recommendable to bet with only 1% of your bankroll as your game strategy. This helps increase your chances of playing the free and bonus games. Refrain from playing on the fast spin as it reduces the chances of getting bonus games.

4. FaFaFa

Here is another top slots game from Spadegaming, which is widely known for its simplicity. You can win with one line and one symbol with colors that determine the multipliers. FaFaFa is a fast-paced slots game; hence, be prepared for an exciting and adrenaline-pumping game. The gameplay is easy too. Simply hit the pulley and spin the wheel. By getting three dragons having the same pattern, you win. As a starter, consider playing single-line games in incremental amounts rather than going all in. It is also advisable to bet between 0.5 to 1% of your total bankroll.

5. Cai Shen 888

In Chinese culture, Cai Shen refers to the god of Wealth. So, you have an idea of what Cai Shen 888 offers to players. Players that are prepared to risk their money and hope for the best are the target audience for the game’s development. Players have over 1000 combinations that they can hit to win big. Aside from the impressive rewards, you can expect some nice sound effects and attractive visuals. The rules of gameplay are not difficult. Bet on what the god of wealth has in store for you and spin the wheel. Ensure that you bet with only what you can part with. The Autopilot option makes the game quite easy to engage. During the game, consider setting the game to a fast spin to increase your chances of landing free games.


And there you have the top 5 slots games you can get started with. Spadegaming promises security and fair gaming. In fact, the famous brand only enters a deal with a reputable and licensed online betting casino. Furthermore, all games are designed to offer a quality gaming experience with useful features to boost the chances of winning. If you are new to online betting, you’ll find it quite straightforward to deposit and play with real money by choosing Spadegaming games. The platform supports multiple payment methods, and the transaction is pretty swift. 

Additionally, the customer support performance is great. They are responsive, supportive, and always available to assist. Endeavor to also take advantage of the bonuses and promotions that are often associated with Spadegaming products. Whether you have chosen to play FaFaFa, Cai Shen 888, Magical Lamp, Heroes, Sweet Bakery, or any other gaming product from Spadegaming, you can be confident of three things: Entertainment, huge rewards, and fair gaming. Good luck!

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