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Introducing Fishing God

In the online gaming industry, Spadegaming is among the most reputable online game software development brands. From Zombie Party, Alien Hunter, Fishing War to Candy Candy, the world-class game developer is responsible for several exciting and highly rewarding games online. Most patrons feel comfortable playing games from Spadegaming as it’s legally licensed by Malta. Also, Spadegaming products are widely recognized for being fair, secure, and designed with impressive graphics.

One of the brand’s products that completely reflects the outstanding performance of Spadegaming is Fishing God. The interesting fishing-themed game is inspired by the supermarket fishing game, featuring over 41 golden dragon bosses and several forms of highly rewarding schools of fish. Fishing God comes with vivid 3D graphics and useful features to kill as many marine creatures as possible. The more creatures you take down, the more coins you make.

With its amazing visuals and handy features, this game’s gameplay isn’t too complicated. To learn more about the features and how to play Fishing God profitably, read this article to the end!

Fishing God: Graphics, Features, and Compatibility

A game without appealing graphics is most likely to become boring and unentertaining. Attractive graphics are parts of the standout qualities of Fishing God. Designed with 3D images, any player will be moved with the graphics flow and mesmerizing sound of the sea waves whistling. All of these help create a fanciful enticing visual under the blue ocean.

Aside from the appealing graphics, Fishing God is designed with several handy features that make the gameplay easy and rewarding. The user interface is smooth and neatly designed. Any player can engage in the game with only soft touches on the screen. You don’t need to be concerned about coins as several promotions and bonuses will get you abundant coins. Furthermore, several schools of fish that you can target to earn huge rewards. In this regard, it is advisable to make use of high-quality guns and bullets to win more.

As you continue gaming and moving up the ranks, you stand a chance of getting more rewards. You can easily redeem your rewards quickly with very attractive exchange rates. Fishing God ensures transparency, safety, and protection of players’ personal data. Hence, you have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to compatibility, Fishing God works on both mobile smartphones and desktop computers. Also, you can engage the game on tablets and PCs. For players who prefer the computer version, the gaming is best experienced on popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome Safari, Opera, or Coccoc. If you prefer the mobile version, you can download the Android version or IOS version, depending on the operating system of your smartphone. In short, Fishing God is vastly accessible, irrespective of your device.

Fishing God: Modes of Fishing

Easy, Normal, and Hard levels of play are available in the popular fishing-themed game. Feel free to choose your preferred game mode based on your ability and experience. For improved efficiency and fun, you can also invite your friends to hunt the sea creatures together. Be informed that the minimum bet is MYR 0.01 – an extremely affordable amount for most online gaming players.

Modes of Play

  • Easy – this is the amateur playroom for the newbies. At this stage, the number of bullets equals the amount of 0.01. This amount is one coin, which makes it ideal for new players.
  • Normal – this is the professional playroom, where you need to spend between 0.1 to 5 coins before you can join. Normal mode is designed for players who have gained some experience in taking down fish in gaming.
  • Hard – this refers to the gunner playroom in which the elite players gather together. Hard mode is best for people who are ready to spend big and make substantial money. Gunner playroom costs between 1 to 10 coins.

How to play Fishing God

As stated earlier, Fishing God gameplay is quite straightforward. However, it’s vital to understand a few basic things before you get started. First and foremost, you need to keep an eye on your centre of gravity. This refers to the number of coins available in your account. For every shot taken, the balance will be reduced by the equivalent amount of coins for the bullet. For instance, let’s assume you are using a gun having a destructive power of 60, then your account will be deducted 60 cents for every shot taken. However, if you manage to shoot down the Boss, you will be raking in 500 coins. In other words, you’ll be making 440 cents.

During gameplay, you should use the “Auto,” and “Aim” features to your advantage. The “Auto” feature enables you to shoot bullets automatically. This means that you only need to control the barrel of the gun. If you choose the “Aim” function, it helps you lock aim at a specific target. In this way, the gun will keep firing at the target until it is defeated or the creature manages to swim away.

The gameplay is simple. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose the game and proceed to select your preferred game mode.
  • Tap the gun to shoot and control the barrel to hit your target.
  • Click on the “Aim” button to lock aim at your target.
  • Choose the “Auto” option to enable an automatic shot.
  • Shoot down the most stubborn fish to win more coins.
  • Feel free to adjust the bullet levels between 1 and 100.


Since the development of Fishing God, the beautiful online game has continued to gather a large number of patrons. Fishing games give you a platform to enjoy quality game time with your friends and families. Feel free to engage the game on your preferred device, including a smartphone, PC, Desktop computer, or Tablet. Check out more related online fishing game you can play in Malaysia.

Not to be overlooked is the helpfulness of the customer care team, who are always willing to help. If you follow the advice in this post, the game will be a breeze to play. If you want to win real money, it’s pertinent to fund your casino account. In this case, you may get across the representatives if you have any troubles. Enjoy gaming! Try fishing god today on the listed online casino below.

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