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Numerous Malaysian gamblers have had bad experiences with online casinos that use 918KISS and SCR888 to get them to play slot games, but the casinos or the agents wouldn’t pay out whenever they won. As a consequence, we’ve set together this guide to assist you to select a better online casino.

How Can You Tell Whether An Online Casino Is A Scam, Fake, Or Blacklisted?

People or items on a “blacklist” are considered to be undesirable or untrustworthy and should be eliminated or avoided. It’s a term used to describe US-based internet casinos that don’t do enough to keep their consumers safe. In order to protect players, we remove any online casinos from our blacklist. The official blacklisting organisation doesn’t exist, thus it’s up to services like ours to tell you about these unsafe sites.

Tip #1. If You’re New To A Casino, Make Sure You Read The Review

Although not all reviews are genuine, if a respected online casino has banned it, there is a good chance it’s because of anything. Because of this, you may use the review to aid in your decision-making.

Online casino players’ most frequent gripe is that their withdrawals are either being delayed indefinitely or never arrive at all. It’s a familiar storey: a casino states a withdrawal might take up to 30 days to complete before offering an explanation for the delay. A partial payment is then made, or the money never arrives. It’s not uncommon for gamers to utilise public forums to expose online casino scams. The rogue casinos, on the other hand, could care less and will continue to defraud their customers.

Tip #2. Make Sure The Website And Customer Service Are Up To Standard

Many online casino review sites ignore or undervalue the importance of customer service. It’s one of the most significant aspects of our decision. Customer service is only important when anything goes wrong with your game, your rewards are delayed, or you have an urgent issue that has to be addressed right away. An online casino support operator who rudely answers to a valued customer, delays responding to an urgent request for days or weeks or gives you the run-around instead of being truthful is immediately put on the casino blacklist.

Tip #3. The New Online Casino: Exercise Caution

I’m not arguing that every new casino is a rip-off, but when it comes to payouts, players need to have confidence in the establishment. If you’re going to test a new casino for the first time, make a little amount to get a feel for the place. It’s hard to tell whether the online casino is a fraud since it’s still in its early stages of development.

They’re everywhere: You may get a deposit bonus of 300, 400, or even 1,000 per cent! From the outside, this bonus seems great, but it’s completely unattainable when it comes to clearing it. There’s no way you’ll be able to pay out your earnings from these promotions if the T&Cs are too strict. To lure you into their site, rogue casinos often utilise dazzling promos like these. As always, if a deal seems almost too tempting, it probably is. When it comes to depositing incentives, stick to smaller sums.

It’s always safe to play at a well-known online casino. Most of them are not limited to a particular nation, which means that they have a large amount of money to work with. Check to see whether the casino provider has a licence from a major gaming jurisdiction like Curacao Gaming to operate.

Legitimate gambling establishments are required to get a licence from a government agency that provides players with the assurance that the proprietors have been thoroughly investigated and that their funds are secure. It’s not impossible to get around this; several nations provide “licences” with significantly fewer restrictions if any at all. Rogue casinos have been known to use the logos of these regulators without actually going through the procedure of applying for a licence.

Tip #5. A Reliable Casino Review Site Or Forum Can Help You Find The Best Online Casinos

There are a plethora of reputable online casino review sites and discussion forums where you may get a plethora of recommendations for reputable online casinos. Playing at a reputable online casino might help gamers feel more confident and prevent scams. In keeping with tradition, a well-known casino review site bears full responsibility for its selections.

The occasional freeze, leap, or break in a game is OK with us. There are times when it’s unavoidable, even for the best among us. Every time a player enters their virtual doors, their gaming experience is ruined by unreliable casino sites. Our faith in them is shattered if they don’t address minor concerns after a few complaints. Of course, these websites will be added to our list of disreputable online gambling establishments.

FAQs About Blacklisted Casinos

What is a “blacklisted” casino?

A blacklisted online casino is one that we’ve examined and determined doesn’t provide players with an appropriate level of service. One possible explanation for this is that the casino is using’s rigorous review system to keep profits hidden, or that it is using pirated software or providing subpar customer support services. All UK gamers should steer clear of blacklisted casinos.

The Blacklisted Casino has taken my money, so what should I do?

First and foremost, attempt to get your money out of any casinos you’ve joined up with that have been flagged for blacklisting. Any offers they have on the site might get you into greater difficulty, so resist the temptation. Close your account and look for a secure option on our online casino website.

Do casinos on the blacklist have to pay out winnings to players?

If you make a wager and the online casino treats you unjustly without providing a plausible explanation, you may be able to get your money back, but this is not a given. It is imperative that you call the casino as soon as possible to determine your alternatives. As soon as you get nowhere, you should call the proper gaming authorities.

Which casinos are safe to gamble in?

On, all of the casinos that we partner with are licenced and audited by a respectable gaming body like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Check to see whether the casino where you’re playing is licenced. Other things to look out for include bad design and customer complaints on the internet. You may always come back and see whether it’s still there!

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