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How Do You Play Crypto Online Casino

For sure, you have already heard about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin. These digital currencies are currently getting into the general public’s vernacular.

Meanwhile, little did you know that cryptocurrency online gambling has existed for almost as long as these cryptocurrencies have been on the scene?

If you are curious about how you play crypto online casinos, this post will explain everything for you. So, let’s dive into it!

Getting Started with Crypto Online Casino 

Undoubtedly, many resources explain what cryptos are, how great they are, or how big of assets they are for online gambling. However, only a few resources will help you get started with the crypto online casino. 

Don’t worry if it is your first gambling with crypto online casinos; we will provide you with the necessary steps to get started alongside additional information that will make you more familiar with the topic.

The process for joining cryptocurrency online casinos is broken down into easy steps, such as:

Step #1: Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet 

A crypto wallet refers to an online hub where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You will find various crypto wallets like software wallets; we will discuss the hosted wallets. These wallets enable you to store cryptocurrencies with a third party. 

A software wallet is like keeping all your money on a shoebox at home, while a hosted wallet is like keeping all your money in a trusted bank. In other words, you will use another company for handling the storage and security of your money in cryptocurrency forms. 

You will use your credit/debit card to load money onto the wallet with a cryptocurrency wallet. After that, you can start using the wallet to deposit into a particular online gaming platform. Once you load the money onto the crypto wallet, you can convert it into cryptocurrencies to make transactions.

Step #2: Deposit Money into the Cryptocurrency Wallet 

After getting your crypto account set up, you have to deposit money and buy some cryptocurrencies. In the same way with other currencies, the cryptocurrency rates may fluctuate. As a result, before making a purchase, be careful to check the current exchange rate.

You can use your debit/credit card to deposit into the cryptocurrency account. You can also directly link your bank account to your crypto wallet. It doesn’t matter whatever approach you choose; they all operate the same way. However, it is best to go for the one you prefer most. You can find some crypto wallets that enable you to deposit through your PayPal account or other payment methods.

Step #3: Deposit Cryptocurrencies into the Online Casino or Sportsbook

Once you deposit money on the cryptocurrency wallet, it’s time to make a deposit onto your preferred sportsbook or online casino to start playing. On the sportsbook or online casino’s deposit page, navigate and click on the crypto option.

From there, you will get particular instructions on how to make a deposit. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to approve a transaction for having your money on the website. After that, you can enjoy playing or betting.

Step #4: Withdraw the Winnings 

After playing and winning, you can withdraw what you have won. The process is straightforward; you can withdraw through the online casino or sportsbook you are playing at, where they will transfer the cryptocurrency back into the wallet for you.

You can convert those cryptocurrencies back into the usual currency. Afterward, you may transfer the funds back into your bank account. You can also use them to make a purchase of items online from different sites accepting cryptos.

Choosing the Best Crypto Online Casinos 

Besides knowing how to start using cryptocurrencies when joining an online casino, it is also an excellent idea to know the best places to gamble with cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, most online casinos still require their players to utilize traditional currencies when placing bets. However, there is an increase in online casino sites that encourage players to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Here are the lists of online casino in Malaysia that allow cryptocurrency transaction.

You can encounter online casinos that allow their players to play in traditional and cryptocurrencies, while others only allow the use of traditional or digital counts. Aside from offering cryptocurrency payment options, here are other qualities that you should look for in an online casino site:

Game Selection 

One of the essential things for most players regarding online casino gaming is the game selection and quality. If only a few games are available, they tend to look for other online casino sites. 

Mobile Compatibility 

Many players go for online casinos that allow them to play from their mobile devices. With mobile compatibility, they can play anywhere at any time they want, which gives them improved convenience.

Customer Service 

Since online casinos are open 24/7, players expect them to provide real-time all-day customer support. An online casino must provide quick response and helpful solutions, whether via phone call, email, or live chat.

Why Use Cryptocurrency When Gambling?

For sure, you are curious why you should gamble using cryptocurrency. So, here are the reasons:

Exchange Rates 

The same way with other currencies, cryptocurrencies have a value that can also fluctuate every day. When converting digital coins to USD, the operators will charge a small fee, taking away from the players’ bottom line. 


When making a deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos, the transaction records are kept around the world. In return, the receiving party will find it hard to take off with the money. All transactions are recorded, so you have a digital paper trail of where the money has gone.

check out more reasons why you should use cryptocurrency when playing online casinos.


Technology has changed the way people gamble, which is the same as what cryptocurrency is doing right now. People cannot only use digital coins to purchase things online but also play in their favorite online casinos. 

Cryptocurrency wallets enable players only to provide information to a website while completing any transaction 100% anonymously. In other words, it is safer than using traditional currency. The only option is to try your luck in one of the many crypto online casinos. Read here to know more information or click the button below to play crypto online casino now.

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