Spadegaming’s Fishing War is a unique casino game experience you don’t need to seek any further. Rather than a slot machine, this is more like a shoot-them-up game you could find on your smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra will always be the first game to try to fill the gap between the casino and mobile gaming.

What is the Fishing war?

Spadegaming has created a new and unique online fishing game called Fishing War. Nothing else in online gambling has a concept quite like this one, so you should play it. It has a striking resemblance to smartphone games. By firing a cannon at the animals of the water, you wage war against them to steal their wealth. Simply because it is uncommon to observe, it captures our imaginations and demands our attention.

Enjoy an underwater kingdom that numerous creatures have terrorized as you compete for the grand prizes. It’s a great arcade game with you on the edge of your seat while you wait for a win to fall in. Fishing War is a three-level combat arcade game that rewards you handsomely for your efforts. So, if you want to win large, be ready to blast the dragon by pressing the fire button.

Theme and Graphic

Fishing War exemplifies how Spadegaming strives to provide its customers with excellent possible gaming experiences. Players must fire down numerous marine monsters in this arcade game to collect prizes. Fishing War takes place in a pool deep beneath, where you can see the fish swimming about. An engaging and fun-to-play game is made possible by the stunning color combination. At the bottom of the screen, just below the cannons, is its command bar.

Additionally, there is music that will captivate and delight you as you wait for the winners. However, the images are of the highest quality, enabling gamers to begin playing quickly. There is no need for you to download any additional software to play the game. When looking for a low-to-medium volatility game, look no further than Fishing War. You’ll get regular payouts between spins, but the vast winnings will need patience. No matter what player you are, Fishing War is a must-have.

How to Play

The game’s mechanics are similar to many other arcade shooting games. Instead of spinning the reels, you’ll be firing a cannon at the fish to bring them down. Before you can begin playing, you must first choose one of three levels based on your level of experience: Junior Mode, Expert Mode, or Godlike Mode. Each level has a different difficulty level. Each mode has a different betting range that you should take into consideration. For example, while utilizing Junior Mode, the minimum stake is EUR 0.01 and increases to EUR 1.00 as the player progresses through the game. However, if you want to play in the Godlike Mode, you may begin with a stake of EUR 1.00 and raise it to EUR 10.00.

During gameplay, you may quickly switch between single and double-shot cannons, or you can cut the fish using the lightning slash function for quick strikes on the fish. The double shooting cannons work the same way as many arcade games do, by firing two rounds simultaneously. Depending on how you position the cannon, you may be able to fire at two targets simultaneously!

Best Tips To win in the Fishing war

Your cannon is pointed out to you as you enter the ocean pool, where there may be up to three other cannons/players participating in the same game as you. The greater the bet level you choose, the more powerful your cannon gets, which is mirrored in the visual shift of the gun as you raise or reduce the bet level you select. In the upper left-hand corner, four separate “skill” icons are lined up vertically to the left-hand side of the screen, and these are unique attack options that you may use at any moment throughout the game. This is how they work:


A strong emphasis should be placed on the importance and utility of using the target mode in your application. In addition, your cannon shot will not be hindered by other animals swimming in your path when you use it to target any creature’s back. It will automatically shoot exclusively at the selected creature until the creature is either brought down or swims out of view, at which point it will cease firing.


Allows you to choose as many creatures from the paytable as you like, and your cannon will now automatically target those creatures while ignoring the rest of the population. Your gun will be transformed into a twin cannon when you choose the double option. It has double the impact, but it also costs twice as much every shot as the standard version.


This weapon lets you zap any fish or creature you desire with lightning. However, in our opinion, it is not a useful weapon. A wave will sometimes roll over the screen, which is just a sign that the scenery is about to be altered. The importance of abilities in this game cannot be overstated, particularly the ability to waste as little ammo/credits as possible while playing. This is the most challenging task because you will occasionally lose time chasing after a target that either swims away or is brought down by a rival.


Fishing War is one of just a handful of games in this genre, and they are all relatively uncommon in the online casino environment. If you happen to stumble across this game in an online casino, give it a go-to try something new. It is pretty unusual to come across anything as unique as this in the current gaming landscape, and we cannot help but applaud the efforts of the developers. Check out the online casino listed below for the best fishing game in Malaysia.

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