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Fish Catch, a new video slot from Realtime Gaming, has been warming up our winters since its introduction in December of last year. We can confidently declare that this is an entirely new experience for us, and we are confident that you will agree after you finish this article.

What is Fish Catch?

Playing Fish Catch is an effort to recreate the fun of fishing while providing the opportunity to earn real money. Realtime Gaming, the casino software company, took a risk with this game since it’s not your typical 53 reel adventure. Traditional slots aren’t about this game but rather a carnival-style game where you’re attempting to catch for a reward.

In Fish Catch, you do just this, except you’re doing it in competition with other people. Before the game began, a wager was put on which player would score the most points. Fish Catch may be strange if you are only accustomed to classic slot games. After you figure out the mechanics, it’s not, but even then, we have to admit that the game might not be for everyone.

Them and Graphic

The visuals of a slot game aren’t everything, but stick figures spinning over the reels aren’t exactly appealing to most people, either. Even though this game was well-illustrated by RTG, maybe we’ve come to expect a little more from 3D games. There’s a lot to admire about the bright colors and the ocean-like backdrop. However, the fish designs might have used a little more attention. Compared to other 3D slot games, several of them seem to lack visual complexity.

This casino shooting game’s revolutionary features will be hard to envision everyday playtime without you becoming acquainted with the game’s layout before diving into search for hidden wealth. Instead of reels, you will be firing weapons and hoping for your following “big catch” instead. Build up the suspense.

Realtime Gaming’s software engineers opted for a pure innovation game. Before beginning the Fish Capture game, you must first pick which of the four ponds you will fish in. With 20 fish to choose from, shoot and catch. Choose carefully Because each aquatic creature has a different worth. In addition, you will be able to choose your cannon (for firing), which will determine both your firepower and the possibility for a 10x multiplier.

How to Play Fish Catch?

The visuals on display here are pretty appealing to us. No reels obstruct your vision since this isn’t a slot machine, providing the creative team more freedom. You may explore four different underwater environments, all of which look unique yet maintain a feeling of realism at the same time. On the sea bottom, you can see the refraction of light and the debris that has been strewn around.

There is an abundance of old shipwrecks, stones covered in algae and moss, and other plant life. Nothing in this game moves except for the movement of Fish and the light refraction, which makes this a pretty static experience. When designing the interface, we focused on making it as unobtrusive as possible so that you could focus on killing Fish instead of fumbling about with menus and buttons.

Fish Catch doesn’t feature pay lines or a fixed playing area since it isn’t a video slot. A better approach is to let players pre-select the kind of lobby they’d want to join. Because the choice is for the smallest wager, take care not to choose a too expensive lobby for you. After that, you may place larger bets to increase the power of your weaponry. Auto-kill may be set up to hunt certain Fish for you, or you can spam-click foes. Regardless of how many shots are fired, the Fish is not assured to die. In some cases, it may take you a long time to kill them, while in others, a single shot can do the trick. Players may expect a low to medium level of volatility from this game.

Best Tips to Win in Fish Catch?

Each variety of Fish has its distinct value

Points are calculated differently in each fish-shooting game; however, the most common values are 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 100. Remember that the fewer points a fish has, the more coins you’ll get.

Keep an eye on the Fish’s movement

Many individuals tend to overlook this element when playing a shooting fish game. After signing in, you will load bullets, choose a bet level, and then push sequentially to fire the gun on the screen to capture the Fish you want. Even though all the fish show at the exact moment on the screen, not all Fish are moving at the same rate.

Small fish travel at a slower pace than their larger counterparts. A slow-moving fish or a missed target will simplify you to shoot, but a fast-moving fish or a missed target will take along. Sharks and arowanas, on the other hand, are exceptions to this rule since they need a large number of rounds to destroy. This is a common occurrence in the game, and it does not occur at any point during the large fish party or throughout the fish season.

Shoot with marbles

This strategy is to fire more bullets simultaneously at a fish. After firing a few rounds into the wall, the bullet will bounce back to the Fish, so you may then fire additional rounds straight at the Fish. A substantial fatality rate is expected due to the simultaneous firing of two lines of bullets. It may take a few more shots, but this game has proven incredibly successful while battling with other people.


This is a departure for RTG, but it’s not their first effort into multiplayer shooting games with gambling features. It’s not something we’ll be returning to, at least not in our capacity. The randomness of the bullets’ outcomes makes the game seem more like a nuisance than a pleasurable experience. It’s worth a go, in our opinion.

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