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From the comfort of their own homes, individuals may now play online casino games. On the other hand, some online operators have ruined or continuously ruined online gamblers’ trust whenever they play real money online. 

Whether internet casinos cheat or not is the subject of this article. Let’s get started!

Do Online Casinos Really Cheat?

After a time, you become used to the fact that playing at online casinos entails some level of risk. After all, gambling is all about taking risks. However, getting cheated is another story.

It is not considered risking to win once players were set to lose from the online casinos’ malpractices. When gambling, you should only participate if you have a reasonable possibility of winning. You may encounter players saying that online casino platforms rig their games and still play every day. Some even believe that the strangest ways to lose games occur too often, which is not considered a coincidence.

Those claims are widespread online, and everyone involved with the online gambling industry considers them complete nonsense. The popularity of online casinos provides them massive revenue, making players assume their games are rigged.

Remember that success can make people find something against someone, and online casinos have no exemption. Online casinos’ huge revenues quickly make-believe that players were cheated or have no tons of players generating gains. ..

So, do online casinos cheat? Keep in mind that some individuals on the internet try to scam and cheat people out of their money. However, if they choose reputable online casinos with licenses, they have nothing to worry about those issues. Casinos with credibility and permit never cheat their players. 

Factors that Influence the Cheating Claims

Players have reasons why they believe online casinos rigged their games, and a few factors influence that belief. Those factors include the frequency of games, past reputations, and playing alone. 

In this section, you will get an explanation about those factors, and we will try to disperse that online casino sites cheat on their players. Let’s start!

Frequency of Games

One of the main advantages of online casinos is that you can play from your home. Since you play against the casino, you do not have to wait for other gamblers to place their bets. Virtual chips make cleaning off the table quick while remaining minimal between the hands. 

The dice are ready to be thrown, the roulette wheels require less time to spin, and the cards can be dealt with as quickly as possible. In return, you have a better chance of playing more games hourly than you can in traditional casinos.

On the downside, players spend less time in online casinos than in land-based ones. They invest heavily if they perceive it from the incorrect angle. The first problem occurs here.

If games go forward faster, players tend to see unexpected events or quicker glitches as cheating. The truth is, those things have nothing to do with probability. For instance, if you have tried playing Roulette before, you are aware that the chances of getting 6 consecutive reds are only 1 in 64.

That event happens in both online and land-based casinos. However, you will encounter it more frequently in online casinos due to faster ball spins and shorter pauses between the spins and not because it occurs more often.

Past Reputations

Online gambling was once a new frontier, but it currently enjoys a rise in popularity, attracting more and more players. This field saw a boost in popularity during the coronavirus epidemic.

In the early days, it was an unfortunate fact that some casinos cheated. That fact never improved the players’ confidence and trust when it comes to the online casino’s honesty for many years. 

Fortunately, many things have changed; the online casino industry is now well-regulated. Many of those rogue casinos were block-listed by many industry watchdogs. This industry now upholds the image of reliability and fairness. Reputable online casinos strive to investigate and resolve each player’s issues. 

As long as you play at a credible, licensed, and regulated online casino website, you are protected against cheating or any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, the huge money involved in online gambling still attracts shady operators, so it is always recommended to be wary of each casino you want to join.

Playing Alone

When playing in online casinos, you play along. While it gives you a lot of freedom, you still have to consider a critical psychological effect.

As an example, imagine that you’re at a brick-and-mortar casino, playing Blackjack with a group of four other players. Then, you hit an unlucky streak, where you lose 10 hands in a row. This even is unlikely that other players are having an unlucky day like you. A player’s chance of winning some of those hands is called their “probability.”

In other words, in the traditional casino setup, you see others winning even though you are losing. So, you believe that the casino is honest. As for the online casinos only focus on your own results since you do not see other players win and see the casino lose. This may make you think that those ten losing hands are against all probability. 

The same way with playing Roulette online, you will have an uneasy feeling that something is not quite right. However, when you think of pure probability, you will see that online casinos offer the same chance that you will have in land-based ones.


To sum it up, established and reputable online casinos do not cheat on their players. They are fair and do not rig players’ games. On the other hand, it is advisable that before starting online gambling, you must check the available options and choose the one you think is the most trustworthy and safest to play with.

You can read various online casino reviews to compare different casinos, including their games offered, bonuses and promotions, deposit and withdrawal methods, languages, customer support, and more. You also need to know whether casinos on your list are regulated and licensed or not. That way, you will gain confidence that a particular casino will not cheat. Play trusted online casino today by clicking on the play now button below.

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